Swimming Program 2018


Dear Parents,




In Term 4, our school will be conducting its annual swimming program at the Ballarat Aquatic & Lifestyle Centre (BALC) every Thursday from 11th of October – 13th of December between 11:15 and 12:00 pm. The whole school will participate during this time.




The students will be taught by trained Austswim instructors from the centre in 45 minute sessions each day.  The program not only builds on children’s swimming skills, but also develops valuable lifelong skills of water safety and awareness.  The success of our program depends on full attendance of students and the valuable support we receive from our families.




Cost of the program will be $87.00.  This includes $65.00 for lessons and $22.00 for bus travel.




If parents wish to pay this off in instalments, could they please make arrangements with the front office before the program commences. 




Money and permission forms must be returned to school NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 16th SEPTEMBER (LAST DAY OF TERM 3).








Children will need to bring a towel and swimming gear to school in a named plastic bag on each day of the program. Thongs are a good idea for the children to bring for wearing to and from the pool. Clothes with a minimum of fasteners, such as a tracksuit, are the most suitable in order to help children change quickly. Long hair will need to be tied back.  Please do not send toiletries or spray cans of any sort with your child.




Children are reminded that due to BALC Health Regulations, children are not permitted to change in toilet cubicles, run, or eat in the pool area.




No money or valuables are to be taken to the pool by children.




All classes will be back at school by 1.00pm. If parents need to pick up children from the pool, classroom teachers will need to be notified beforehand.




It is useful to have Foundation and New students grouped roughly into ability levels before the program begins. Could parents of these children please assist by marking off on the attached form any skills you know your child already has and return this to school as soon as possible.




As a special offer to Sebastopol Primary School Students, the YMCA are providing free passes for all children participating, to swim at any time during Term 4. This will allow pupils to try to improve their skills between lessons.  Children must be actively supervised by a parent or person 16 years of age or older. Parents accompanying their children do not have to pay an entry fee unless they are swimming themselves.  Lost passes cannot be replaced.




If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school.




Looking forward to a great program!




Nadine Ogilvie


HPE Coordinator