Student Leadership

At Sebastopol Primary School we believe developing leadership skills is essential for all students.  Younger students are inspired and learn from older students as they lead assemblies, speak and perform in public, greet and thank guests. Students prepare speeches and present these to the school to stand for various leadership positions including School Captains, House Captains, Junior School Council and Class Captains.

The Junior School Council is an opportunity for all students throughout the school to have a say in the running of our school and to learn about meeting procedure, democratic decision-making, organisation, team work and communication. Students may raise issues of concern, plan school events, suggest new initiatives and solve problems. Student leaders organise and lead weekly assemblies on a rotational basis.


Notable Events

2021 Junior School Council Pop Up Stall

Junior School Council held a very successful Pop up stall this week, raising $109. JSC members made all the goodies at home in their own time. They planned, set up and worked hard to ensure all students had a chance to buy something delicious.  The Junior School Council have decided to buy native ground cover plants for our nature play outdoor area. The 2021 JSC are a great group of leaders. 





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