Health and Physical Education




Sebastopol Primary School is blessed to have vast grounds in which formal and informal Physical Education takes place, including inside and outside basketball and netball court, oval with a cricket pitch and walking track, long jump pit, and three age-appropriate playgrounds.


Students engage in a range of activities during Physical Education classes to develop their Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) and game understanding.  Prep to Grade 2 has a strong focus on developing the students FMS, whereas Grade 3 to 6 focuses on specific sports, movement patterns and game understanding.  Our program also includes:

  • weekly multi-aged House Sports
  • swimming lessons
  • intra- and inter-school sports
  • athletics, and
  • cross country



Every student at Sebastopol Primary School is a part of one of three houses.  During various sporting activities, students compete within these house:

  • Bedggood (blue)
  • Reynolds (red)
  • Wyres (yellow)




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