Respectful Relationships

At Sebastopol Primary School, the Respectful Relationships program is a whole school approach that requires the support and involvement of students, parents, families, and staff.  The Respectful Relationships program supports our school to promote and model respect, positive attitudes, and positive behaviours whilst teaching students how to build healthy relationships, resilience, and confidence.  through participating in this program, students should develop a strong understanding of what respectful relationships look and feel like, understand their rights and responsibilities within society, understand and accept that everyone is unique, and identify the personal strengths and attributions they possess.  Additionally, students will have learnt strategies they can implement, as well as what supports are available to help them cope with challenging situations.


At each year level, students will focus on the following areas:

  • Emotional Literacy: students develop the ability to be aware of, understand and use vocabulary about the emotional states of themselves and others.
  • Personal Strengths: students develop a vocabulary to help them recognise and understand various strengths and positive qualities in themselves and others.
  • Positive Coping: students develop language around coping, critically reflect on their coping strategies and extend their repertoire of positive coping strategies.
  • Problem-solving: students learn a range of problem-solving techniques that can be applied when confronting personal, social and ethical dilemmas.
  • Stress management: this teaches students to learn a range of problem-solving skills that they are able to cope with challenges as they arise.
  • Help-seeking: help seeking is a coping strategy that involves seeking technical, instrumental, social or emotional support from other people.
  • Gender and identity: these are age-appropriate learning activities that assist students to understand and critique the influence of gender norms on attitudes and behaviours.
  • Positive gender relationships: teaches students to build positive gender relationships and the importance of acceptance of difference and diversity.


The Respectful Relationships program at Sebastopol Primary School has strong links to many other areas of the curriculum including English, Health and Physical Education.





Respectful Relationships Resources


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