Prep Transition Program

At Sebastopol Primary School we value creating a positive start to school for all our students and their families.  Starting school is an important milestone and their adjustment to their first year of school is heavily influenced by their familiarity with the school environment.  At Sebastopol Primary School, we believe it is of vital importance to make the transition from home or a preschool setting to the school setting as smooth as possible.


Transition sessions are offered to help pre-schoolers become accustomed to what the classroom and school is like.  Teachers show the children around the school and talk to them about where different grades are and where the toilets, library, music room, art room, and canteen are.  If you are unable to bring your child to transition sessions, then try and bring them to a school tour so that they become acquainted with the school and meet the class teacher.


Our Transition Program commences in Term 4 with our Prep Transition Coordinator visiting the Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres that our incoming prep students attend.  During these visits, our Prep Transition Coordinator can meet and observe the incoming children during their 4-Year-Old sessions, as well as meeting their parents/carers and answer any queries they may have regarding starting school in the following year.


In Term 4, our Prep Transition Coordinator conducts a Transition Program to provide pre-schoolers with a glimpse of our school environment.  These sessions are held within the Foundation classrooms and students are invited to participate in a variety of activities designed to help them feel comfortable and confident within a classroom environment.  A variety of oral language, literacy and numeracy activities along with fine and gross motor activities are implemented throughout each of these sessions.





Transition Resources


For more information on how to support your pre-schooler with transitioning to our school, please see the resources provided below.



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