Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

At Sebastopol Primary School, we value the benefits that technology offers and acknowledge the central role technology plays in the wider community, our future working lives and in the daily lives of many students.  Each classroom has a Smart Screen so that technology can easily be integrated across the curriculum.


Our ICT program enables students to develop their computer and technology skills in order to create and communicate information and ideas.  Every student has access to laptops and/or iPads where they explore new technology, learn to stay safe online, how to effectively research, and how to become innovative digital citizens.  Students can also access high quality learning games and apps that are chosen by teachers to meet specific learning goals.  Our ICT program doesn’t just equip students with the ‘how to’, it encourages them to become technological and design thinkers of the future.


All students regularly use computers to ensure that they are confident in using software including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to produce engaging presentations.  Keyboard and touch-typing skills are developed from the middle years to help prepare students for upper primary and high school.


Cyber Safety

The internet can be a scary and challenging place to navigate and at Sebastopol Primary School we guide and support students to make safe online decisions; and provide them with strategies and knowledge that they can apply if they don’t feel safe or comfortable.  Whilst at school, students are protected from inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and other risk through the use of our filtered centralised internet service.  This permits us to allow or block content at the school level.




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