A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Sebastopol Primary School situated on the outskirts of Ballarat South where it is my privilege to be the Principal. Our School was established in 1978 with an open plan design – which is one of a kind.


We pride ourselves on our Core Values.

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Ready to LEARN


Sebastopol Primary School is an open, inclusive and progressive Primary School, working hard to provide the best in Educational, Social, Sporting and Extra-curricular opportunities for all students.


Our Learning Programs are supported by a talented and dedicated team of Educators, Support staff and Volunteers who work together to ensure each student is engaged in learning allowing them to grow whilst having fun in a safe environment.


We work closely with community organisations locally and across Ballarat to ensure our children can enjoy many different experiences and have the right support when they need it. Our School Choir, Band, Netball Team and Energy Breakthrough Pushcart Teams are great ways for students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the wider community.


We encourage friends, families and new students to take a tour of the school to really appreciate the unique learning space we have to offer.


Michelle Wilson

@ 2020 Sebastopol Primary School